We offer a variety of services to ensure you get the best possible results from your programs.

Our workshops are designed to compliment online training or stand alone.  Workshops are designed to be practical, hands-on experiences that get participants learning through doing. Entrepreneur focused workshops help students learn the social venture startup process, while train-the-trainer workshops help you build internal organizational capacity.

Entrepreneur Focused 

Workshops can be customized to your needs. Popular topics include:

  • Social Entrepreneurship 101
  • Design Thinking for Social Innovation
  • Lean Startup for Social Ventures
  • Understanding Social Business Models & Shared Value


These workshops are designed to help leaders better understand and support the social entrepreneurs they serve. Workshops can be customized. Popular topics include:

  • Social Entrepreneurship 101
  • Supporting the Social Entrepreneur's Journey
  • Tools for Social Finance
  • Teaching Social Business Models & Shared Value


We stay up to date on best practices in startup and social enterprise tools and methods and will help you incorporate these into your programming.


Need extra support in launching a new training program, bootcamp or hackathon? We've worked with clients who have taken every kind of approach to entrepreneurship training and can help you design the kind of program you want, to deliver the outcomes you need. Some of our services include:

  • Program framework & curriculum development
  • Workshop facilitation guides
  • Program evaluation tools & methodology


Are you developing a training program or bootcamp and need help putting together the right toolkit? We have extensive knowledge of the best resources and tools and can help you create the right content for your program. Some of our services include:

  • Curated case studies, frameworks & examples
  • Unique toolsets including canvases, worksheets & activities
  • Custom online content and/or modules

Program & Content development


Whether it's program evaluation, ecosystem mapping, landscape scans or research, our advisory services can provide the consulting support you need, analyzing and recommending new approaches to growing entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial mindsets within your organization or community. 

Building off of years of experience, our advisory services will help you better understand your current environment and existing assets and develop the right strategy to achieve your objectives.

Advisory Services

Who We've Worked With